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TalkingMule provides valuable insights, key leadership opinions, high quality Digital Securities Offering / Security Token Offering database and analysis, legislation, distributed ledger technology news and much more. We simply help people invest better and build their wealth over-time.

Digital Securities democratize investments by giving companies access to global pool of investor capital. To investors, Digital Securities provides an easy access to private investment opportunities across the globe.
We believe that asymmetric information and lack of quality data available for investors, companies and service providers, is a significant barrier for the global adoption of Blockchain based securities. We are here to solve this gap.

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TalkingMule aggregates and analyzes key information about and from different segments of the Digital Securities ecosystem: Issuance platforms, broker-dealers, trading platforms and exchanges, custodians, startups, issuing companies and more.   

We believe in a long-term outlook. Technological developments would create a new, more efficient way of raising capital and enabling liquidity. Therefore, we connect with and between industry leaders, businesses and institutionals that supports the digital securities industry and work together to lay down the foundations.

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